Living a healthy lifestyle is not just about eating nutritious foods but it is also about being physically active, balancing your work and social life, getting enough sleep, and focusing on your mental health. If you are working towards creating a healthy lifestyle, knowing the advantages is extremely useful as an encouragement to persevere. RELATED: Benefits of living a healthy lifestyle

1. Healthy lifestyle improves mental health

Eating healthy foods is very good for your mental health, because all the vitamins and minerals found in the food, fruit and vegetables we consume have an important role to play in the body. Apart from eating, exercising regularly releases endorphins, nutrients which help reduce stress and help you deal with pain.

2. Healthy lifestyle saves money

A healthy lifestyle involves eating nutrient-dense foods that make you feel nourished and satisfied. Most at times, when following a healthy lifestyle, you tend to cook your food on your own. When cooking your food, you will be able to save money rather than eating from one restaurant to another.

Also when you live a healthy lifestyle, you hardly or rarely fall sick so being in good health saves you from spending a lot of money in the hospital.

3. Healthy lifestyle prevents diseases and health issues

Healthy lifestyle aids in preventing certain diseases and health issues such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. Following healthy lifestyle activities helps to give you a longer life span which is something many people pray for.

4. Healthy lifestyle helps boost your mood

Physical exercising helps to improve your mood by increasing the production of the “feel-good hormone”, popularly known as serotonin. Equally, eating well especially foods with healthy fats like omega-3s, help to reduce stress, decrease mood disorders and also fight against depression.

Negative impact of not living a healthy lifestyle;
  • You suffer from depression
  • High cholesterol
  • Eating disorders
  • Being overweight or obese
  • High blood pressure