Health Tips For COVID-19

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How to prevent COVID-19 and how you can take care of your health during the COVID-19.

Make a safe distance: Use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water aren’t accessible. Make a safe distance between your hands and your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Wear a face mask: If you’re in a room with a sick individual and him or she isn’t wearing a face mask, put one on yourself. Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet or two meters.

Avoid touching, hugging, shaking hands with the person who has flue, fever, or cough, also it is suggested not to touch the mask you are wearing.

After removing the used mask from your face, wash your hands properly and put the mask in the trash bin.

Be careful with laundry: Do not wash the garments of your ill child or the sick person in the washing machine.

Use regular detergent to wash the clothes. Place the garments in the warmest setting you have.

After putting the garments in the dryer, wash your hands. Completely dry the garment.

Put filthy gloves and masks in a trash bin with a cover if you’re dealing with filthy garments from a sick person.

Wash your hands after cleaning and sanitizing the laundry hampers.

Be careful with dishes: Use gloves after cleaning the dishes, glasses, or utensils.

You can clean the items with soap and warm water. After removing the gloves or handling wasted materials, wash your hands.

Avoid coming into direct contact with the sick person’s bodily secretions.

Use disposable gloves and a face mask while handling feces, urine, or other waste.

You should wash your hands after removing your mask or gloves. It is not recommended that you reuse your mask or gloves.

Visitors should not be allowed until the sick person has completely recovered and is free of COVID-19 symptoms.

Use disposable gloves and a face mask while administering oral and respiratory treatment, as well as handling dung, urine, or other waste.

Before and after removing your gloves, wash your hands.