Yawning is an involuntary deep breath, usually with your mouth open, followed by a slower exhale with your mouth closing. To begin, yawning is believed to be related to feeling bored, tired or sleepy.

Health Benefits of Yawning;

According to research, there are three types of yawn, which include; Clenched-teeth yawn, Eyes-open yawn and the Nose yawn and all human beings have probably experienced doing all these various types of yawns. We yawn every day, without knowing that this simple exercise actually has some health benefits.

1. Yawning helps to increase blood circulation

According to research yawning acts as a stimulant of the nervous system. Yawning increases circulation and blood flow, and cools down the brain to improve arousal as well as mental efficiency.

2. Yawning relieves ear Discomfort

according to research, yawning is a defense reflex of the ear during rapid altitude changes. That is to say, yawning helps to ease Ear pain, discomfort and hearing problems caused by change.

3. Yawning increases oxygen supply to the brain

yawning is actually very important because, it helps to bring more oxygen into your lungs which in turn helps in getting rid of carbon dioxide build up (bad air) in the lungs. Oxygen is very important for the body/organs and so in order to get more oxygen into your body yawning is one of the ways.


4. Yawning helps you breath better

taking into consideration the reason why we yawn, yawning helps you to breath better. Yawning speeds up heartbeat, and speeds up the movement of oxygen and spinal fluid through the body, thereby cooling the brain to around 20° Celcsus, the optimal temperature for blood and brain.

When does yawning become a problem? Yawning becomes a problem when it happens too frequently and for no apparent reason. (That is, when you are not feeling tired, when you are not sleepy). If you notice this to be happening so often, it is advisable you speak to your physician about it.

Equally, yawning in excess can also indicate serious underlying conditions such as epilepsy, liver failure, brain tumor, anemia, or heart attack. So, if you realize excess yawning for no reason, it is good to go for checkup.