Benefits of sleeping without underwear

sleeping completely naked may be very strange and uncomfortable for some people, but there are proven health benefits of sleeping with one less layer of cloth on your body. This is advantageous for both men and women.

Here are some reasons why you may want to make sleeping without underwear

1. Reduces bacterial and yeast infections

Bacteria and yeast love living in warm and moist environments and these warm environments worth living for them are created when you put on things like overly tight under wears or underwear made from synthetic fabrics. When you have such underwear on, it causes you to sweat providing a good breathing space for bacteria you can’t sleep without underwear then it is advisable to go in for loose-fitting cotton underwear.

2. Gives men healthier sperms

To begin, tight underwears are not good for male fertility and this is because to produce healthy sperm, testicles need to remain around 34.4°C. but when you put on tight underwear or even trouser, the temperature down there increases thereby reducing the quality of the sperm. For men, it is advisable to put on boxer shorts.

3. Helps you fall asleep easily

A lower body temperature makes it easier to sleep fast and much more soundly throughout the night. When you succeed to sleep sounded, you benefit from, reduced stress, healthier skin, more energy throughout the following day, better weight management, and a stronger immune system. You may not realize this intellectually, but your body knows when it is time to sleep.

4. Eliminates toxins

According to research from the University of Amsterdam, a good way to increase the body’s ability to remove toxins from the body is by lowering the body’s internal temperature/heat. One of the best ways to do so is by simply sleeping without underwear.

It is good to note that, while at sleep, the brain removes toxins from the body but if you hinder these toxins from coming out then it can affect your creative ability.

Just try this for about a week and see what changes will come to your body.