Eating oranges for kids is not only safe, but is also highly nutritional and beneficial for their health. It is very advisable to make sure you choose firm, dense, healthy and evenly-colored oranges for children.RELATED: 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Orange

 Some Health Benefits of oranges for children 

1. Oranges help boosts immunity

Oranges contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals which are highly beneficial for the growth and the overall development, and health of kids. Children put a lot of things into their mouths so it is very important for them to be able to have a good immune system which will help their system to fight against diseases and illnesses.

2. Oranges help treats constipation

Hearing that a child is constipated is not a new thing. This is because, most foods that kids eat possess inadequate dietary fiber which causes them easily get constipated. In order to fight against constipation for your kid, it is advisable to give him or her oranges. You can either squeeze the orange and give the child the juice or simply give him the orange in his hand if he can do it on his own.

3. Oranges help reduce cold and cough troubles

Children are very restless when they have cold and cough and it actually keeps the mother or parent very worried. In order to reduce your child cough and make him feel much relief, it is advisable to male use of orange juice. Give your child orange at least one time a day during this period. Also, oranges contain medicinal properties which help protect the child from harmful infections that come along with a cough and cold.

4. Oranges help prevents rickets

Rickets to begin with is a condition where the bones are weakened and softened due to lack of calcium and phosphate. Rickets usually develops during infancy and so one way to prevent your child from having this is by giving the child oranges. This is because, oranges are rich in these minerals which help fight against rickets.

4. Oranges help improves vision

Oranges are rich in vitamin A, flavonoids and phytonutrients, like alpha and beta carotenes, lutein, beta-cryptoxanthin, and nutrients, which are nutrients which help keep the child’s skin healthy and also takes good care of the child’s eyes.  Consuming citric acid from time to time for a child helps enhance the child’s vision.

When Can Babies Eat Oranges? Some children might be allergic to citrus fruits so you have to watch out for your child body reaction when he or she takes orange for the first time. According to research and some medical practitioners, it is advisable to give a child orange when the child is above 11 months of age.