Health Benefits of Lettuce

Lettuce is a greenish highly rich in nutrients vegetable with a crunchy-textured. This organic vegetable is also known as one of few foods that can be eaten raw.

lettuce has different variety like Romaine, and the  Iceberg lettuce, Many people include lettuce into their vegetable salad meal given that it has man nutrients and also helps beautify the salad.

1. Reduces Risk of Diabetes

Lettuce contains a few calories which makes the glycemic index to be considered as zero. It should be noted that, for those who watch their blood sugar level, having a low glycemic indexs is a plus. this is because, a low blood sugar level will also help lower the risk of having diabetes.

 2. Lettuce reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Bad cholesterol in the body can lead to cardiovascular diseases. Also, bad cholesterol causes things like stoke and heart attacks. In other to reduce the risk of being faced with such health problems, it is important to eat foods that contain Vitamin C and Beta-carotene. These two important nutrients can be found in Lettuce, which help prevent the artery walls forming plaques which can block off and break blood flow which can lead to heart attack.

3.  Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation to begin with causes a lot of migraines, dental issues, or pain at your back, which is not very comfortable for our health. In order to avoid inflammation, lettuce is very beneficial. That is, lettuce extract acts as an anti-inflammatory induced by biocatalysts such as lipoxygenase and carrageenan which control inflammation.

4.  Help Boosts Sleep Quality

Some people today feel stressed to a point that they are not able to sleep. Suffering from insomnia is almost a normal thing today. Eating lettuce can actually help solve this problem. That is, Lettuce contains a white fluid that comes out when you cut lettuce leaves called lactucarium. This liquid helps you to relaxes and boost your sleeping quality.

5. Lettuce Fights Anemia

Anemia is one of the most common blood disorders. If you suffer from anemic symptoms, from being tired and weak too often, you can choose lettuce to eat for recovering. This is because lettuce is iron-contained, and will help you to fight anemia.

Other health benefits of lettuce include;

We should always remember that too much of something is a disease. That is to say, excess consumption of lettuce can lead to health damage instead of benefits.

Some side effects of Lettuce 

If consumed reasonably, lettuce is generally regarded as safe and good for the health. But if you exaggerate your consumption rate, you will experience mild indigestion, jitteriness, skin irritation or drowsiness.