Gooseberry also known as Amla is made up of more than two types, which include the Fredonia Gooseberry, Achilles Gooseberry, Whinham’s Gooseberry, Poorman Gooseberry, and the Whitesmith Gooseberry. To begin, this particular fruit is what we call a tart, and this is because, many people use it to make preserves, desserts, and pies. It may be surprising that some people have eaten this fruit but do not know that it has so many health benefits. Gooseberry is eaten, fresh or canned, and it is used as an additional supplement in some beauty products.

Nutritional Value of Gooseberry

Just like every other fruit we consume, the gooseberry has the following nutrients to offer
Potassium 297mg

Fats 0.9mg

Dietary fiber 6.5 gram

Proteins 1.3grams

Carbohydrate 15mg

Sodium 1.5mg

Here are 4 Health benefits of eating gooseberry

1. Gooseberry helps in treating acne

Acne is a skin issue that disturbs both men and women, but mostly women. In case you suffer from this issue, gooseberry may be your solution because it is first a blood purifier and it contains properties that help treat this problem. That is, get some gooseberry, mash it into a paste and apply it on your face where you have the acne. Leave the paste for about 15 minutes and leave it to get dry before you wash it away. This will help clear it away.

2. Gooseberry gives you a good skin tone

It is good to note that, the collagen in your body helps keep your skin firm and in goose shape, so it is important to take fruits that help keep your collagen levels intact. Note that, eating gooseberry will help increase the production of collagen levels in your skin, and added to this, this fruit also helps boost Vitamin C in the body, thereby making your skin look soft and well-treated. If you suffer from low collagen levels, take some gooseberry.

3. Gooseberry helps prevent dandruff

Dandruff is a big problem faced by people almost all around the world. In case you are faced with this same problem, then you should try using gooseberry paste. In case you have tried other products and it’s not helping, try the natural one. That is, use gooseberry juice and apply it on your scalp, it will help clear away dandruff.

4. Gooseberry helps prevent hair problems

If are you suffering from different hair issues like dandruff, premature grey hair, hair breaking, dryness of hair, and hair not growing properly, then you should use gooseberry juice on your hair. How is this done? Simply apply the juice to your hair and scalp and in just a space of no time, you will start seeing changes.
In conclusion, no research has shown any side effects of eating gooseberry but notes that too much of something can be a problem. So when consuming this fruit, make sure that you do not exaggerate your consumption rate.