Manilkara zapota, commonly known as sapodilla, is an evergreen tree thought to be native to Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. Today, it’s widely cultivated in many other areas of the world, including India. The tree grows up to 98 feet (30 meters) in height and produces round or egg-shaped fruits known as sapodillas. When ripe, sapodillas have a sweet taste, thanks to their high sugar content. They’re commonly eaten raw but are also incorporated into drinks and baked goods. Various parts of the sapodilla tree, including the leaves, bark, and fruit, have long been used in traditional medicine systems to treat conditions including fever, ulcers, and arthritis. Sapodillas are known for their high concentration of beneficial plant compounds and fiber. They have the following health benefits.

Health benefits of eating Sapodilla fruit
1. High in fiber:

Sapodilla is an excellent source of fiber — a nutrient that’s important for gut health, heart health, and body weight maintenance. More specifically, fiber helps fuel gut bacteria, keeps you regular, promotes feelings of fullness, and regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

2. Good Source of Nutrients:

Sapodilla is packed with a variety of vitamins and minerals that are essential for good health. Sapodilla is a good source of potassium.

3. Promotes Digestion:

The presence of natural plant compound tannins in sapota helps to neutralize acid secretion in the intestinal tract. While the high volume of dietary fibers adds bulk to the stool, regular bowel movement treats constipation and cures all other digestive problems. Apart from this, the potent anti-parasitic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial characteristics of sapodilla can calm the irritated gastrointestinal tract and treat gastritis. Help with constipation

4. Prevents Cancer:

Prevent the formation of tumor cells and lowers the risk of several forms of cancer. Being intrinsically rich in vitamins A and B helps in keeping the mucus lining healthy and averts the risk of lung and oral cancers. Aside from these, being a good source of natural dietary fiber supports keeping the gut healthy and shields the body from colon cancer.

Overconsumption of any food item is not good for the body. So, excess sapodilla also leads to many other health problems. Everything should be consumed in moderation and it will never harm your body. One should understand the value of a balanced and nutritious diet. Chikoo in particular is not bad but can have effects after overconsumption. The side effects are Digestion problems, Stomach pain. Having too much fiber can start abdominal pain sometimes. Therefore, you should consume sapodilla in moderation.