6 Health benefits of eating Eru

Eru as we know is a creeping plant with green leaf’s, that belongs to the vines family scientifically called Gnetum Africanum. This particular leaf (eru) is practically used to cook soup in countries like Nigeria (called Okazi/ Afang soup), Cameroon (called Eru/Kok) etc.

Eru actually has some health benefits which begin from water, high proteins, minerals, fibers etc. RELATED: Health Benefits of Bitter Leaf Juice

1.Firstly,  contains Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), which helps facilitate carbohydrate metabolism thereby improving energy levels. Equally, this vitamin in eru helps to fight things like migraines.

2. Secondly, eru is very rich in iron which helps to transport oxygen to body tissues which helps improve respiration too.

3. Equally, eru contains lots of magnesium which helps to act in insulin sensitivity, also, it helps to manage diseases like diabetes.

4. Eru contains calcium which helps mediate the excitation and contraction of muscle fibers. It also helps bind regulatory proteins in the body.

5. It is good to note that having strong bones and teeth’s is very important and it is for this reason that eru becomes nutritious. That is to say, eru is good for the bone and teeth’s health because it contains Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorous which are important minerals for the bones and teeth’s.

6. Eru has high dietary fiber which helps decrease the way cholesterol is being absorbed from the gut, which causes a delay in the conversion and digestion of starch to simple sugars.

Eru is a dish that is mixed with many things like smoked fish, red meat, towel, “Catanga”, cray fish which people often generalize as (obstacle).

It is good to note that, eru is cooked with red oil, its an oily meal and so if you are trying to cut down some weight it is good to take note of how much of this meal you have to consume.

Eru is a meal that if not cooked properly it wont taste good in the mouth. Eru can be eaten with garri, water-fufu and some people even eat it with “Kumkum”