To begin, this might sound very strange to some people because most people use rainwater to simply wash clothes, and dishes, clean the house, water plants, and bathe. Drinking rainwater has some health benefits. Not that, rainwater is the primary water source in areas where people cannot access clean tap water or any other water supplies. One thing that makes rainwater to be very healthy is the fact that, compared to other water supplies we have, we are certain that rainwater has no added chemicals to it making it very natural. Rainwater is also void of toxins like fluoride and chlorine.

Have you ever wondered why rainwater is considered the purest form of water in the world? Well, this is because; rainwater has not had any additional minerals or dirt obtained from contact with soil or stones.

According to researchers, rainwater is very safe to drink as long as it is collected in clean containers and properly filtered for consumption.

Health benefits of drinking rainwater;

To begin with, given that rainwater is still very pure, it contains a good amount of Alkaline PH which helps to neutralize blood pH in the body and also, promotes detoxifications and gives you a healthier digestive system. Secondly, in some places and countries, chlorine is used to clean water but at times it is put in excess so that you can even get the smell of it which is not good for your health. It is good to know that, taking excess chlorine is not good for human health because it can cause gastritis and headaches. This is where rain has an added advantage because it is void of chlorine.

Furthermore, this might sound strange but it has been researched. According to research carried out in India, drinking 2-3 tablespoons of rainwater on an empty stomach every morning will help to neutralize stomach acid and other stomach issues.

Aside from the health benefits we get from drinking rainwater, it is good to note that rainwater helps prevent Acne and boil when you use it to wash your face. It also promotes healthier skin and when used to wash the hair it gives you healthy hair.

Side effects of drinking rainwater

In as much as drinking rainwater has good health benefits, some side effects come along with it. To begin, it is good to note that, you have to properly filter rainwater before drinking. This is because, when rain is falling before it enters your bucket or container, it probably has already met and carried dust particles, dirt, insects, and even algae, which contaminate the water. So it is advisable to properly filter the water before consuming. Note that, if you drink contaminated water, it can lead to some health diseases.

Also, pregnant women shouldn’t drink rainwater because it could gotten infected which will be very bad for their health and the baby’s health. But in a case where that is the only source of water you have, it is advisable to boil it properly and filter it thoroughly before you consume it.

Lastly, rainwater doesn’t have some basic nutrients that play a role in the human body making it both negative and positive. According to doctors, it is not advisable to drink only rainwater for a straight month. So in a case where you have to be drinking just rainwater, you can add minerals like sodium, potassium, and calcium to the water.