Staying hydrated is very important because, it will help improve your productivity, mood, memory, energy level, and clarity. Alkaline water is water that has a higher potential hydrogen than regular drinking water. The pH level is measured by the amount of hydrogen ions that exists in a given solution.

Health benefits of consuming alkaline water

Alkaline water contains four major minerals that contribute to its remarkable health benefits:

  • Calcium: Important for bone health, as well as heart, muscle, and nerve function
  • Magnesium: Helps turn food into energy
  • Sodium: Regulates blood pressure and volume, and supports nerve/muscle function
  • Potassium: A type of electrolyte that is essential for muscle function and promotes healthy digestion
1. Alkaline water enhances Hydration

Drinking alkaline water shows a positive effect on hydration status after sports having a significant decrease of specific urine gravity. Also when you drink alkaline water, it has a positive effect on urine pH during the anaerobic test protocol. The constant consumption of alkaline water is a valuable nutritional vector influencing both acid-base balance and hydration status, as well as energy levels in active healthy adults

2. Alkaline water Improves Bone Health

According to some research, consuming alkaline waster has a positive effect on bone resorption because it is rich in bicarbonate. Note that, Bone resorption is the process where old bone cells are broken down and replaced by new ones. Less bone resorption and more mineral density result in better bone strength. Also, alkaline water contains calcium which is very good for the bone’s health.

3. Alkaline water Increases Longevity

Drinking alkaline water according to some research, shows that, those who consume this water ages less and have the chances of living longer. This water has no significant damage on the kidney, intestines, heart, liver or brain. But research is still going on as concerns alkaline water.

Note that, the excessive consumption of alkaline water to an extent is not also good for the health because it comes with some side effects. That is, excess consumption can cause

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • hand tremors.
  • muscle twitching.
  • tingling in the extremities or face.