Clementine also known as baby oranges” or “Christmas oranges” is a type of mandarin orange. It should be noted that according to research, clementines are considered the smallest of mandarin oranges, with an average size of approximately 2 3/8 inches in diameter. This fruit is slightly sweeter than oranges, but it is equally lower in sugar. RELATED: 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Orange

Some nutritional facts about clementines that you need to know about

One clementine contains the following nutrients

  • 63 grams of protein
  • 79 grams of sugar
  • 15 milligrams of vitamin E
  • 10 milligrams of iron
  • 2 milligrams of calcium
  • 26 grams of dietary fiber
Health benefits of eating clementines

To begin, clementine mandarine contains flavonoids which are nutrient that helps in protecting the body from diseases like tumor growth, reduce blood clotting, and relieve stress and depression. Secondly, just like other citrus fruits clementine’s rich in provitamin A carotenoids, which turn into Vitamin A in the body. This vitamin A helps to strengthen the immune system, improves your eye health, and also betters body growth. Thirdly, clementines contain potassium, which helps to keep your blood pressure at a stable level, helps in battling bloating and keeps your joints in good health. It also helps in easing digestion and prevents muscle cramps.

Furthermore, clementines are a fat-free fruit that is rich in antioxidants, which makes it a low-calorie fruit. Clementines contain enough Vitamin C, which helps to protect the skin cells from free radicals that are formed from sunlight, and it supports the tendons, skin, blood vessels, bones, and tissues throughout your body. This fruit contains a combination of dietary fiber, enough water, and low calories which helps to fill you up and make your feel satisfied for a longer period.

Side effects of clementines

In case you are allergic to citrus fruits, it is advisable to stay away from clementines. For some people, clementines cause itches on the lips, tongue, and throat, and mild swelling of the lips, and gums. In case you have this reaction when you take this fruit, it is advisable to stay away from it or see a doctor if the side effects persist.