Castor oil is a vegetable oil that is used for a wide range of cosmetic and medical purposes. It is said to provide health benefits for the face and skin.

Castor oil is a translucent liquid with a yellow tint. It is an active ingredient in a wide variety of household items, from cleaning products to paints.

Health benefits on the Skin;

  • Good for cleansing:

Castor oil contains triglycerides which helps in cleaning the skin by removing dirt and dead cells from the skin.

  • Good for moisturizing:

Castor oil contains triglycerides, which helps in maintaining moisture. It is a good nutrient provider for the skin, because it helps to treat dry skin.

  • Good for hydration:

Castor oil has humectant properties, which draw moisture from the air into the skin, thereby keeping the skin hydrated.

  • Act as Antimicrobial:

Castor oil helps protect the skin from bacterial infections which helps the skin fight microbes.

Health benefits of the Face;

  • Good for sensitive skin:

Castor oil has a low comedogenic score which is unlikely to clog pores in the skin and reduces the risk of developing blackheads, making it appropriate for use on sensitive skin.

  • Helps to fight acne:

Castor oil contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing acne on the face/body.

  • Works on the complexion:

Castor oil contains fatty acids which help in promoting skin tissue growth. This growth then helps in restoring the skin tone and making it even.

  • Texture:

Castor oil is also rich in other fatty acids which enhance smoothness and softness when applied to facial skin.

As indicated above, castor oil is very good when talking of the skin. But this oil to an extent also has some side effects if not used properly.

Side effects of castor oil;

  • Castor oil can cause skin rashes
  • Castor oil can cause skin swelling
  • Castor oil can cause itches
  • Castor oil can cause skin irritation.

Note that, if you are allergic to some things, then it is good to seek your doctor’s advice before using this oil on your skin.

How to use Castor Oil;

It takes time for the skin to fully absorb castor oil, but diluting the oil can promote absorption into the skin. That is, simply dilute castor oil with other oils, such as olive or peanut oil. Make sure that the quantity of castor oil is the same as the oil with which it is mixed.