Boiled eggs have been proven to contain a lot of nutrients. These nutrients such as ions, proteins amongst others help in the growth of babies. Their consumption by infants is advised by pediatricians and nutritionists

Boiled eggs have a lot of a health benefits on elderly people in general and on babies to be specific. RELATED: Healthy foods for children

Health benefits
  • In babies, the nutrients such as ions and proteins found in the eggs helps a lot in the growth of the baby. It makes the baby have a healthy brain as breastfeeding mothers who eat eggs meets the child’s need for choline. This choline boosts part of the brain which is responsible for learning and memory. A medical university in Toronto carried out research and observed that 13% person of pregnant women who consumed eggs, have children with better brains functionality than others.
  • It also regulates and maintains the baby’s weight. A study has proven that children who eat a more protein-based breakfast end up eating less calories at lunch. This also makes the children full and less hungry as they will eat only when necessary. Another study shows a good breakfast with enough egg intake increases children fullness by 32%, reduces hunger by 14% and the desire to eat by 30% as compared to a carbohydrate rich diet.
  • Boiled eggs can be the key to a better weight regulation. Again, it reduces the babies sugar intake. This is because youths are one if the greatest consumers of Sugar and boiled egg is a wholesome food free of sugar and rich in vitamins and nutrients. it will reduce sugar intake there by decreasing the risk of obesity. Another health benefit is the prevention of allergies and most essentially reinforce the babies immune system especially if it is introduced from the sixth month which is the best age for a child to start taking wholesome food.

Following these health benefits, most pediatricians and dieticians have advised that whole eggs should be introduced in baby’s diet and they advise pregnant and breastfeeding women to consume eggs. This is in a bit to guarantee that from a young age the child starts enjoying all the health benefits that come along with the consumption of boiled eggs. Eggs are at the core of a diet which help their children go strong, healthy and smart as it contains vitamins A, D,E and B12. As it is said we don’t live to eat but we eat to live. Same goes for children whose health is not dependent on the consumption of boiled eggs but their health is better by the consumption of this food.