Most people discard the avocado seed when they are don’t eating the avocado it self, not knowing that this seed has some special and amazing health benefits to the human health.

Avocado seeds contain incredible fiber combined with natural oils, vitamins and minerals which help to improve digestion, reduce inflammation and also preventing the development of cancer cells in the human body. Avocado seeds are very easy to chop so rather than throwing it away you can decide to make it your friend from time to time;

Health benefits of avocado seeds;

1. Avocado seeds heal digestive disorders

Avocado seeds just like some other foods contain soluble fiber and powerful anti-inflammatory compounds which help to reduce flatulence, bloating and eliminates toxins and waste that can cause complications in the human system. In some countries, avocado seeds are used to treat ulcers, constipation and diarrhea.

2. Avocado seeds help to prevent blood sugar imbalance

In order to avoid a rise in your blood sugar level, it is important and advisable to go in for meals that are high in fiber and are low in sugar because these meals will help your blood sugar from rising. Talking about such meals, avocado seeds happen to fall in this category. Avocado seeds help to balance out any intake of sugar, keeping blood sugar levels stable. All you need to do is consume avocado seeds from time to time.

3. Avocado seeds help reduce inflammation

Avocado seeds contain catechins and procyanidins which are strong anti-inflammatory compounds which help to reduce the risk of developing chronic inflammation. It should be noted that, inflammation does not have to be joked with, because inflammations can lead to other diseases like arthritis, hypertension and even Alzheimer’s.

4. Avocado seeds are a rich source of antioxidants

Avocado seeds contain 70% of antioxidant value even more than the fruit itself. This therefore means that if you consume avocado seeds it will help to prevent oxidative stress at a cellular level in the body.

Note that, when we talk about consuming avocado seeds we do not mean you should chew it because it wont taste good in the mouth. What you can do is, slice the avocado seed into small parts, add it in a blender and blend. You can add the paste to your soups and smoothies. Also, you can dry the seeds then grind it. Sprinkle a little of the powder into your soup, smoothie or drink. Note that, you do not have to do this everyday.