Some Health Benefits of Avocado Oil

Primarily, avocado oil comes from Avocado and contains fatty acids which are actually very good for the heart’s health. Also, avocado oil does not have carbohydrate. Avocado oil is considered to be one of the healthiest vegetable oils because of its nutritional composition.

1. Avocado oil is very Beneficial for Heart Health

To begin, avocado oil is considered a heart healthy oil because, it contains 3 different types of fats, which help eradicate several heart diseases. It is also a friendly diabetic oil because it doesn’t contain carbohydrate.

Avocado oil equally has anti-inflammatory properties, which prevent damage in the walls of the arteries caused by plaque buildup. Vitamin E in avocado helps maintain the health of blood vessels by eliminating free radicals from the body.

2. Avocado oil repairs damaged skin

Avocado contains antioxidants which strengthen the skin and equally hastens the healing of damaged skin. Also, this oil, helps nourish the skin and protects it from sun rays.

Some antioxidants found in avocado oil include, vitamin E, beta carotene, lutein, protein, lecithin, and omega fatty acids

Note that, avocado oil equally helps treat scars and wounds with ease. This is because, it contains potassium and lecithin, which grow new skin cells easily.

Avocado oil also helps, prevent premature aging and reduces wrinkles. Thereby making you younger.

3. Avocado oil Increases Hair Growth

Vitamin E is very important to nourish and moisturize the scalp and this vitamin is found in avocado oil. Also, this oil helps stimulate hair growth because it has Vitamin B and E. It increases hair growth and treat dandruff.

Avocado oil it prevents hair damage and minimizes hair breakage. It also, helps moisturize dry scalp, conditions the hair and protecting it from dry environments and sun damage.

4. Avocado oil helps in Weight Loss

For those trying to cut down some weight, Avocado oil will help you. It contains a high amount of monounsaturated fats and oleic acid, which help burn belly fats.

Avocado oil also boost metabolism. Note that, high metabolism helps to accelerate weight loss by converting food into energy faster.

Some easy Steps and Ways to use Avocado oil;

Avocado Oil can be used in several ways. That is, it can be used for the hair, skin care and also part of a meal.

  1. How to use Avocado Oil for your Skin
  • Firstly, you can massage it on your skin, rub it on the face or add it to your bathing lotion.
  • After taking your bath, massage some of the avocado oil on your skin. You can equally add this oil to your rubbing oil.
  • You can mix avocado oil with any essential oil like lavender. Use this mixture on your face and feet’s. Anywhere you need it.
  1. How to use Avocado Oil for Hair
  • You can use it as a hair mask or hot oil therapy.
  • You can mix avocado oil with essential oils like lavender, peppermint etc., and use the mix on your hair to enhance hair growth.
  • Also, evenly distribute avocado oil to the roots of your hair and leave it for a while. It will work give you soft, smooth, shiny hair.
  1. How to use avocado for culinary purposes.
  • You can use avocado oil to dress your salads. It will add a bright and refreshing flavor to your salad.
  • You can also use avocado oil on your fish, chicken, steak.
  1. Avocado oil when rubbed on a baby’s buttock, it will help soothe the irritated area.
  2. Avocado oil is a good conditioner , you can rub it on your leather accessories like shoes, and belts. It will help these accessories regain their shine.
Some possible Side Effects of Avocado Oil

Excess consumption of avocado oil,

  1. May lead to allergic reactions like itching, redness, eczema, and hives for some skin types.
  2. Consuming excess avocado oil can lead to an allergic reaction like vomiting.
  3. When breastfeeding mothers over-consume avocado oil, it disturbs the digestion of babies
  4. High amounts of avocado can upset the stomach and cause gastrointestinal irritation.

So note that, in as much as avocado/ avocado oil is good with many benefits, you should not eat it in excess.