This story is both hilarious and disappointing. What will the faithfuls retain then?
For offerings, these two Ghanaian pastors known as albulant preachers were spotted fighting.

Evangelist Samuel Kwame Boateng and evangelist Kwame Poku turned the Kumasi Central Market into a boxing arena as they fought for the offerings.
According to eyewitnesses, Boateng and Poku used to insult each other for donations but things would have turned to out rough while the two could not agree on the sharing of “booty”.

Two pastors

Questioned after their “fight” which lasted for some minutes, Boateng revealed that his colleague had insulted him and threatened to beat him. He also added that it was a salesgirl who had advised him to fight with Poku to teach him a lesson.

Several people who experienced the scene described it as a shameful act by two “so-called” men of God.
Preachers or profiters? This is one of the many questions people are asking.

Subiru Madina