The Siamese sisters of Ghana visited the former president Jerry Rawlings to show appreciation for his contributions of 20 years ago

Former Siamese sisters, Lydia and Linda Awui, visited the former Ghanaian President, Jerry Rawlings, to thank him for having worked for

the success of their surgery to separate their bodies.

Lydia and Linda were born joint but were separated at Korle Bu Hospital in Accra in 1999, three months after their birth.

The twins, accompanied by their parents, Eunice and Benjamin Awui thanked Rawlings for the gesture made when he was the President of

the country and offered him painting in recognition. The delegation thanked the former President of Ghana for intervening to ensure that

the cost of the operation was covered in 1999.

Lydia and Linda are finishing high school at Akwamuman High School in Akosombo and hope to study medicine at university.

Returning to the surgery on the Siamese twins, Dr. Appeadu-Mensah, who was one of the doctors who treated the two girls told Rawlings

that they were stuck in the abdomen and had a common liver. The doctor recalled that there were two groups of surgeons and

anesthesiologists who participated in the operation for six hours. The historic surgery was performed by a group of four Ghanaian doctors.

In turn, Rawlings thanked the twins and their parents for the visit and congratulated the medical team who undertook the successful

separation of the twins.

By Subiru Madina