5 Gender Neutral Themes For A Kids Birthday

Let the creativity guide you when creating a memorable gender-neutral birthday party for a kid. You should think about gaming, innovative, and technology-related themes for birthday parties. We are living in a fast, fun, and new world. Prepare finger foods and veggie platters in creative shapes in advance. Try to make your costumes and decorations whenever possible. When you do this, use a practical guide but naturally make it your own. Creating your own here is key to making the party intimate and fun. Do not forget to take pictures of your creations. Remember it is your party and your theme.  And each year you do it, you will gain new insight, and you will make it better over time. Do not sweat the small stuff; remember it is a party!

board games

  1. Gaming Theme for Gamers It depends on the kid’s age right. You can choose MarioKart, where kids dress up in their favorite Mario character, and you can uniquely design and craft your party favors using all the bright and attractive colors that coordinate with this game. Imagine the Mario Kart cake as the centerpiece and go Karts as the souvenirs to take home. This theme will work for both boys and girls.
  2. Go Justice League Party a timeless theme. What kid do you know does not dream about iconic superheroes and all their powers as they jump and leap from building to building? Here you want to go flashy and shiny. Think big and powerful for this theme. The Justice League theme is a perfect theme for twins; they can choose a character and run with it.
  3. Love Me Some Animals theme Think about all the technology-related Sci-fi animals that are available today. These animals all do cool stuff. The sky is the limit in this category. If you cannot find one that you like, invent your animal and powerfully build the superpower. You can have art supplies and a few ideas ready to get the kiddos started. Let their lively imagination run wild.

pool party

4. Underwater Animals and Outside Pool theme This is a summertime favorite for all. You can have a fish shape cake and favorites. Have pool games ready to play. Remember to buy animal shape floats to decorate the pool and promote safety for the kids lavishly.

5. Out of This World, theme  Think Alice in Wonderland here. Have interactive items that are double the size and double the fun. Take the time to make your elaborate decorations; this will allow you the flexibility to make festive decorations the dimensions that will make an impact — a wonderland of fun and play at a low cost.