Gastritis: Healthy diet tips for Gastric patients

Gastritis is very common in both children and adults now our days and it is a condition that involves inflammation in the stomach. Gastritis is in two forms, that is, Chronic gastric which last for long and can result to gastric Ulcer, and Acute gastritis which comes severely and suddenly.

Before getting into the fruits that are good for gastric patients, it should be noted that eating certain foods and fruits and avoiding others will greatly help you manage gastritis.

Some gastric symptoms include Abdominal pains, nausea, swollen (bloated) stomach, and indigestion.

What you can eat as a gastritis patient
  1. People with mild gastric pains can take weak tea and a little low-fat milk.
  2. The best and highly recommended liquids to take when suffering from gastritis is water, very low acidic juice, and non-dairy milk. This will help reduce the amount of acid in the body.
  3. As a gastric patient, it is advisable to go in for low acidic fruits like carrot, watermelon, bananas, apples, pumpkins.
  4. Oats, pasta, bread, brown rice are good for gastric patients because they contain fiber and other nutrients which are good for gastric patients.
  5. Plain white rice and also white potato is a good option for gastric patients because it is easy to digest.
  6. It is advisable to eat grilled or boiled seafood.
What you should avoid as a gastritis patient
  1. If you suffer from chronic gastritis, you need to avoid, sugary drinks, coffee, acidic juice (that is, for example, orange, pineapple, lemons), beer, wine, and soda just to name a few.
  2. Highly avoid acidic/citrus fruits like orange, limes, grapes, lemon, and pineapples. Also, vegetables/fruits like pepper, onion, garlic, should be avoided because they are notorious for producing gas. If you cannot avoid them, not then take them in small quantities.
  3. Avoid sauces or food made with much cream. But if you cannot stay away from it, then take it in small portions.
  4. Corn provokes gastritis so it is advisable to avoid it if you suffer from chronic gastritis.
  5. Furthermore, avoid eating red meat which is high in fats because it can provoke pains
  6. Avoid fried seafood.
  7. Avoid tomatoes and tomato products because they are highly acidic and can provoke gastritis pain.
  8. Avoid alcoholic drinks at all costs because they can irritate the stomach

Foods affect everyone differently. Some people get heartburn and other gastric symptoms from tomato-based products, garlic, and caffeinated tea. Others can tolerate highly spiced foods but have trouble digesting anything high in fat. So individually, it is good to know what your body accepts and what it rejects.

Eating smaller portions several times per day may be easier on your stomach than eating three larger meals.

Note: If you suffer from indigestion, aloe Vera is good in managing digestive problems. Equally, avoid eating late at night.