On the evening of the swearing in of newly appointed government members, Ali Bongo, the Gabonese president sends a message to the new ministers.
They are the ministers responsible for monitoring the Human Investment Strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals, Brice Laccruche, the Transport, Equipment, Infrastructure and Public Works minister, Hugues Mbadinga Madiya.

Ali Bongo took advantage of the moment to make it clear that he will not give any favor to a minister who does not respect his specifications, moreso, to a rude minister. “I will be uncompromising about government discipline,” said the Gabonese president. He thinks that this measure will guarantee a good efficiency of public action.

For Ali Bongo Ondimba, laxity is now over, Gabonese expect fast results in their areas of daily concern. This will mean that the president has to govern the country differently and provide solutions to make life easier for the people. For the observers, since the recovery of his physical capacities, the Gabonese president has taken the upper hand over the affairs of the Republic. Thus showing that he remains the only commander on board the ship in accordance with the confidence placed in him by the people.