French minister in Cameron


The French Minister of Foreign affairs and Europe has arrived Cameroon for a two day working visit.  Jean Yves Le Drien’s is expected to visit the French embassy in Cameroon, the Cameroonian  parliament, the unity palace as well as the second  Wouri Bridge which is a French sponsored project  financed to the tune of 87 billion CFA francs by the French Development Agency (AFD), in the form of a sovereign loan, accompanied by a grant of the second debt relief fund  (C2D).


The visit of the French Minister of foreign affairs  and Europe to Cameroon comes a few weeks after the Major National Dialogue where the recommendations sent to the head of state are yet be made public to Cameroonians.

The visit offers Jean Yves Le Drien the opportunity to reecho the point of the French government on the crisis in the north west and south west regions.

Security issues also related to the fight against Boko Haram is also expected to be on the agenda with France a major force in efforts towards stabilizing the Lake Basin and Sahel zone.