The Ivorian boy who died hiding in a plane leaving for France has been identified

We now know a little more about the teenager found dead in the landing gear of an Air France plane.
A macabre discovery made Wednesday morning at Roissy airport, near Paris. The plane in question had left the day before from Abidjan, in Ivory Coast. Investigations had been launched in both countries. We now know the identity of the victim.
His name was Laurent Barthélémy Ani Guibahi. He was 14, 15 next month. He was a 4th grade student at the Simone Ehivet Gbagbo municipal high school in Yopougon. And according to the staff of the establishment, he was a frail and discrete boy. An average student.
He lived with his father, a math teacher in another establishment, and remarried a woman, a guard of her condition, with whom relations were not easy. On Monday morning the first day of school, the boy left the family home, but did not come to school and did not return home in the evening. His parents worried, called the school, and pasted his photo throughout the neighborhood.
It was a bag found on the airport tarmac on Tuesday evening that allowed investigators to make the connection. A bag that contained the high school uniform.
Investigators say the teenager successfully climbed the airport wall and then hid in a green space. On Tuesday evening, members of an Air Cote d´Ivoire crew reported the presence of an individual on the runway. But gendarmes and firefighters dispatched to the scene did not find him.
After sifting through the surveillance videos, the investigators noticed that the teenager had boarded the landing gear of the Air France Boeing while it was turning around at the end of the runway before the take-off.

By Subiru M.