Amber Guyger convicted of murder in wrong-apartment killing of innocent man.

A Texas jury rejected former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger’s self-defense claims and convicted her on Tuesday of murder in the fatal 2018 shooting of an innocent man eating ice cream in his own home after mistaking his apartment for her own.

Amber Guyger convicted of murder

The 12-member jury reached its verdict deliberating for less than two days. Guyger stood as Dallas County District Court Judge Tammy Kemp read decision.

“We the jury unanimously find the defendant Amber Guyger guilty of murder as charged in the indictment,” Kemp read.

Amber Guyger convicted of murder

The family members of Botham Jean, the neighbor Guyger shot to death on Sept. 6, 2018, burst into tears as the jury granted them a measure of justice. Jean’s mother, Allison Jean, held her head back and stared at the ceiling, raising her hands, thankful that justice for her son had been served.