Uganda – Jessica Nabongo: The first black woman to travel around the world.

American-Ugandan Jessica Nabongo is the first Afro woman to visit 195 countries, While she is only 35 years old. It’s an adventure that she got initiated to from an early age, and led it without much surprise, to create her own luxury travel company, Jet Black.
Indeed, very passionate about traveling since the age of 6, Jessica Nabongo obtained her degree in international development at the London School of Economics.
With a savings account credited to $5,000, or about 2,975,000 Fcfa, she gave her apartment Apartment for rent, in order to live her passion. “A passion that will take me around the world”.
But, on the way, the adventurer has developed many sources of income. First working for the United Nations, the young lady will live alternately between Italy and Benin. Prior to setting up her luxurious travel business, Jet Black, “with more than 200 clients for whom she plans their travel in Africa, Central and South America and the Caribbean”.
Who else could better to design trips than the one who discovered the world country after country? Her different journeys is being described on her site and Instagram page, at each of its stages, until October 6, 2019.
Her publications that have earned her being connected to a base of fans interested in discovering the world, thinks the head of the company, who still specifies that before the invention of Instagram, she had already visited 32 countries.