Finland: Finland gets the youngest government in the world made of women.

Sanna Marin is Finland’s new prime minister—news that traveled fast across the world due to her age, and gender.

The new Prime Minister’s age is notable. At 34 years old, she is the youngest prime minister in the world.

She joined the recently elected prime ministers of New Zealand, Salvador, and Ukraine in the under 40 years-old groups.

Then there has been a focus on gender. The new female prime minister’s coalition government was formed with all five party leaders being

women – the majority being under 40-years of age, also.

A photograph of the new prime minister with three of her women cabinet members (all in their thirties) quickly made the headlines.

Less encouraging and sarcastic voices suggested that “given all the gender talk” the photo lacked “gender-balance”.

Feminists across countries applauded and congratulated the new prime minister inspired what might promise more change and innovative

solutions to come.

New government of Finland

Sanna Marin’s meeting with other officials.

Others were more critical. How could such an “inexperienced” woman be entrusted with all that power? Sexist tendencies could also be

observed: maybe not unexpected, some (mainstream) media coverage commented on the looks of the new Finnish Prime Minister.

The German Tagesschau, for example, received much push-back on social media for having referred to Prime Minister Sanna Marin as

”beautiful & young” (“hübsch & jung”).

Source: Forbes