Paul Biya

It will be remembered that it was on the steps of the Elysee Palace, after an interview with the French President at the time, that in 2014, Cameroonian President Paul Biya solemnly announced his entry into the war against Boko Haram, present mainly in the Far North region. While a series of terrorist attacks hit Paris, France does not want Africa to serve as a new base for Boko Haram to strike French interests on the continent and European capitals.

Faced with this threat, France created a detachment liaison and contact in Maroua,  with delivered war gears like 11 tactical vehicles, helmets and bullet-proof vests. But above all it carries out an exchange of information at the highest level with Cameroon which, despite its war against terrorism, is considered in Paris as stable and in full economic development with 6,000 expatriates and a hundred large French companies. Moreover, during the visit of François Hollande in July 2015 in Cameroon, intelligence was the focus of discussions with his counterpart Paul Biya.

France is also supporting the war efforts of the G5 Sahel, Chad, Niger, Cameroon, Nigeria and Benin, whose coordination and liaison unit is located in the camp that houses Operation Barkhane headquarters. , this military operation conducted in the Sahel and Sahara by the French army, which aims to fight against armed Salafist jihadist groups throughout the Sahel region. A headquarters located N’djamena, the Chadian capital.