Issa Tchiroma vows to remain loya to Paul Biya even after power as president.

Regarding his electorate, he admits having joined the government by the will of Paul Biya. “I entered the government by the will of the President of the Republic without having the least municipal councilor. It is my duty to appeal to the suffrage of my activists and supporters,” he said.

He however remains confident because, according to him, no other political party have outshines their records in the North. This he spoke proudly of their various actions: “our currency is sharing, assistance and support. We have distributed thousands of bags of rice, table benches to schools, built boreholes for the populations. ”

He did not leave out his political experience behind and recognizes politics as his profession. “With the exception of 1997, I took part in all the elections in Cameroon… I can assure you that the FSNC will enter the national assembly and for the number of seats that will be won, the Lord will decide. Politics is my job and I take great pleasure in meeting people to ask them to take charge of their destiny”.

He did not also leave out his loyalty and commitment to Paul Biya, as he reiterated. “I am at the disposal of President Paul Biya my political partner and I have decided to accompany him until the end. Being elected does not guarantee that you will remain in government but in or out of government I will remain loyal to President Paul BIYA in his beautiful and noble career”, he added.

He spoke respectfully to the decision of  Maurice Kamto. The minister did not want to comment on the choices of the MRC, but on the other hand he confides: “If you turn your back on politics, it stabs you … You have to watch politics like you ‘oil on fire’.

By Kiffasblog