Cabral Libii, leader of the PCRN: “I am not campaigning for the legislative elections, but for the presidential election”

The leader of the PCRN, Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation, Cabral Libii reveals his ambitions. During the launch of his party’s electoral campaign for the legislative and municipal elections on February 9,

the man who came out third in the presidential election in October 2018 clearly stated his objectives.

Sunday, January 26, 2020 in Makak, a municipality in Cameroon located in the Center region and the of Nyong-and-Kéllé Division, the PCRN launched its campaign. The opportunity for its leader Cabral Libii to speak.

Among other statements, that relating to his ambitions on the Cameroonian political scene.

If he has the ambition to preside over the destinies of some 25 million Cameroonians, Cabral Libii knows that he must go through other stages. “I am not campaigning for the legislative elections, but for the

presidential one. But before being president, you have to prove yourself at the town hall or in the national assembly and why not be a minister,” he said.

Cabral Libii still subject to criticism

Since then, Cabral Libii has come under criticism. In terms of social media, he is accused of being a “false opponent”. “This guy is an opposition opponent. He doesn’t even hide it, ”comments a Facekook subscriber.

“Do you think Cabral is an opponent?” Asks another. But we remember that a similar controversy had already erupted in the aftermath of the presidential election in October 2018.

The candidate invested by the Univers de Prosper party of Nkou Nvondo, had at that time, granted an interview to the BBC, in which he declared that he was “ready to join the government of Paul Biya”. Words that he

later denied to Jeune Afrique, citing editing errors. “I will never enter a Biya government,” he said.

By Subiru Madina.