Samuel Eto’o and politics is not impossible. The former star of Cameroonian and African football does not say no to a career in politics.
Many Cameroonians dream of seeing the former number 9 occupy a position of high responsibility in his country as does Georges Weah, now president of Liberia. And when one sees the numerous relations that the former Lion has with politicians, we could well afford this dream.

However, Samuel Eto’o always kicks this possibility.
Indeed he indicates that he could give a try when the time is right. And that moment is surely when he’ll be 60 years old. “Maybe one day, when I’m 60, I’ll be tempted to try a mandate at the head of a Sub Division… But for now, no,” said Samuel Eto’o. He spoke in an interview with Jeune Afrique.
In the meantime, Samuel Eto’o welcomes the fact that he is received by many senior leaders around the world.

Eto’o and politics

This recognition is thanks to football. “On the other hand, it is an honor for me to be received by heads of states as powerful as Vladimir Putin or Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. And all thanks to football!
Samuel Eto’o also wants all Africans to enjoy the same success as his. For him, the key is hard work. Because he comes from a very disadvantaged background. “I wish the same success to all Africans. I want to tell them: work hard and you will be recognized. Do you know where I come from? Until the age of 10, I grew up in Mvog-Ada, a poor neighborhood of Yaoundé, not far from the central prison of Kondengui.

Then my father was transferred to Douala, and our family landed in New Bell, another poor neighborhood, where the Douala penitentiary is located. I insist on this neighborhood because many of my childhood friends have ended up behind bars. I lived there until I left for Spain (where he signed in to Real Madrid in 1996). I can not believe I was starting from a very low social ladder to getting where I am today,” Samuel Eto’o adds.

Bluff or true revelation? In any case, politics does not disgust someone who will soon join the Harvard University to prepare as he says his reconversion.