Minister of communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi says there was a massive participation in the elections.

The Minister of Communication is angry with the media who indicate that the double legislative and municipal elections of February 9, 2020 were marred by major incidents such as low voter turnout.

Faced with these facts, the government spokesman seized the opportunity of holding the Youth Forum organized on February 11, 2020 by the government in Yaoundé to respond to these rantings from a “certain press

which wants to discredit the process of the Cameroonian electoral system by manipulating public opinion ”.

What irritates the government

Indeed, certain international media and some NGOs in particular, Transparency International Cameroon and even the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon also noted in their respective reports, the low

participation rate and the incidents that marred the elections of February 09. Which is clearly not to the liking of the Minister of Communication, Réné Emmanuel Sadi.

The Mincom replica

“The massive participation of voters and the good organization of these elections with the deployment of political parties, are a pledge, if there was still one, to illustrate the maturity of Cameroonian democracy.

This is, moreover, the place to remind certain international media which, even before the election was over, deliberately chose to discredit the conduct of these elections.

This is the place to remind them that beyond manifesting bad faith, beyond attempts to exploit and manipulate the opinion they demonstrate, nothing can hide the reality of the facts, and the sincerity of the voting

operations which, we affirm loud and clear, took

place in order and transparency before the eyes of more than a hundred national and international observers “, protested the Minister of Communication.