Dr. Stella Immanuel recently appeared in a video with some colleagues. The group was America’s Frontline Doctors and they had a strange message. They actually backed the hydro chloroquine medicine that has been disputed by others. The mainstream medical community is denying that hydro chloroquine can treat the Covid-19 virus. The Coronavirus has certainly created quite a stir among those in the know. Medical experts have yet to endorse hydro chloroquine for that given purpose. That is why social media is abuzz about Dr. Stella Immanuel. He was prominently featured in the video and made some strange claims over time. He will be under the spotlight for the next couple of weeks as a result of that claim.

The reviews for the video are trending on social media today. Twitter is abuzz because people are reacting to those medical claims. Hydro Chloroquine is a drug that is questionable and might not work as intended. The coronavirus has caused a stir and people are desperate for some kind of medicine. There is no vaccine yet and coronavirus claims are continuing to rise over time. People are aware of the pandemic and want to prevent all the bad symptoms of the virus. That is why social media outlets are discussing the claim and why it may be false to them.

People should get their facts from real medical sources if possible. The news media outlets are sure to talk about the vaccine when it becomes available. But right now, it seems like a cure is far into the future. Medical communities do have real advice to offer to people. They can change their lifestyle habits and make progress more possible in time. Think about preventing the spread of the coronavirus. That could save many lives in the long run.