Police have used rubber bullets to disperse a crowd that gathered in the Nkomondo neighborhood this afternoon protesting and threatening to send away all Malians and foreigners who live around the area.

They clashed with police officers with most of them sustaining injuries after they tried to cause commotion in the area where the body of a young girl was discovered lifeless in the store of a Malian dry cleaner.

Administrative authorities of the division headed by the Divisional Officer for Douala 2 Dr. Bidja Didier went to the scene to calm the situation as there was escalating tension looming in the air.

The youths of Nkomondo in the Douala 2 Sub Division in anger say they should be allowed by the forces of law and order to search other dry cleaning shops of Malians in the area, but their plans were foiled by the police who intervened.

They have given Malians and foreigners two options

1 to leave the country and

2 suffer the same fate as the little girl.

9-year-old Tracy who is said to have disappeared on Wednesday night after she went to urinate outside was never seen again until her corpse was discovered in a shop of a Malian dry cleaner who’s store was ransacked and all its content burnt by the angry population this Sunday while the body has been put in the mortuary pending later arrangements by the family.

By John Paul Sama