Young man attempted to commit suicide in the river Wouri, but was saved by nearby inhabitants.

The scene took place on Tuesday January 07, 2020. At the moment, the reasons for this suicide attempt remain unknown. A young man, apparently in his twenties, attempted suicide in the Wouri River. But he was

barely saved by the neighboring populations.

The suicidal, we learnt had already thrown himself into the water but he was saved thanks to the prompt reaction of the inhabitants. Most of them carry out small activities around the river.

The cellphone

Love disappointment ? “Spirit of suicide”? Regular failures in life? Family problems? Breach of trust ? The reasons for the suicide attempt are unknown at this time. However on the site of the event, onlookers laugh at

the young man: “My brother sorry when you want to leave you have to come at night so that no one sees you”. Shouts a man anonymously. “My brother where are you going?” We’re going to have a hard time

together. You’re not going anywhere,” says another resident.

Wouri River: Theater of suicide scenes

The Wouri River is regularly the site of suicide scenes. In July 2015, Pierre Issouck, 58, threw himself into the waters of Wouri. The scene took place around 9:20am on the bridge that crosses this river in Douala. It

was on the Wouri bridge that Mr Issouck decided to end his journey.

Saturday January 09, 2016 around 9 a.m. An unidentified individual throws himself into the Wouri River, without any information letter on the reason for his suicide. The drama took place under the attention of the

drivers of vehicles and motor taxis, and some users.

By Subiru M.