Two individuals fired gun shots at two men leaving a bank in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon. According to eye witnesses, the two men were from the Afriland First Bank agency in Bonanjo, Douala’s administrative head quarter Cameroon, on Monday morning, December 2 2019, where they had just carried out some bank operations unknown amount.

The two left the bank on a motorcycle, and were begin followed by two bandits on another motorcycle. Some 50 meters away, the two unidentified gun men pulled the trigger at the man holding the bag of money and the motorcycle driver, then seized the bag, before melting into nature. In their escape, they fired another shot in the air to provoke psychosis.

The wounded were transferred to the hospital, and we learn that the life of the gentleman who was holding the bag is in danger. The police was alerted, but patrols in the area did not intercept the robbers. Note that an investigation has been opened.

High unemployment and an under-equipped police force continue to fuel criminality in Yaounde, Douala, and other cities. An influx of refugees fleeing conflicts in the Central African Republic (CAR) and Nigeria has strained Cameroon’s economy, putting pressure on already weak basic social services and exacerbating overcrowding of already densely populated urban and peri-urban areas, especially in the East Region. Cameroon’s borders remain porous, exacerbating the potential for spillover from neighboring countries. At the same time, the ongoing unrest and resultant humanitarian crisis in the country’s Anglophone regions has displaced more than half a million people within the Northwest and Southwest regions, as well in the neighboring Littoral and West regions. Lack of access to basic services and livelihood opportunities have increased the vulnerability of displaced persons and led to negative coping mechanisms, including crime and armed banditry, particularly around areas where those fleeing instability have resettled.

By Subiru Madina