Celestine Ketcha-Courtès, the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, received in audience a delegation led by Bombardier and its belgian-Turkish partner Iristone/ILCI, concessionaire of this infrastructure.
It was a matter for the various parties to speed up the administrative and technical procedures with a view on starting the work.

The work, planned to last three years, should start in the first half of 2019. The project will focus on the construction of a streetcar of 18 km long. The tramway will have an autonomous power plant installed in the industrial area of ​​Bonabéri.

It will be endowed with a power beyond the operating needs of the Tram, says Iristone / ILCI. Last January, the consortium indicated that “the studies of insertion of the line, the autonomous energy solution and the plans of financing eligible for international funds have been made and approved by the parties”.

It also envisaged a start of work in the first half of 2019, and a partial service of the project by 2021. “If the deadlines for prior actions are required, particularly the conclusion date of the commercial contract between the Iristone Group/Ilci and the Cameroonian government.
In addition to unclogging the city of Douala Cameroon , the construction of the Tramway should generate a thousand direct jobs, said Iristone/Ilci.

By Madina Subiru