To begin, note that the vagina has a delicate pH balance and the vulval area is super sensitive, especially during your period, so make sure to be very careful and vigilant with what you use during this period. No matter how light your flow is, it is not a good idea to go an entire school day without changing pads, pantiliners, or tampons.

Many women, today because for one reason or another order tend to forget or neglect to change themselves at least 2 times a day during their period which is very unhealthy for the body. RELATED: Home remedies for vaginal odor

What to do when putting on a sanitary pad (menstruating)

  1. Change your pad before it gets full. That is, visit the toilet from time to check how heavy your pad is, if it is getting full, then change it.
  2. If your pad feels wet or uncomfortable, change it.
  3. Change your pad at most after every 5 hours
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly after you have changed, because you might have touched your blood by mistake and you won’t want to greet anyone with such hands.
  5. Always have an extra pad in your bag, wherever you go, because at times the period circle changes and it can come at any time.
  6. When you change, do not dump your used pad in the trash or anywhere exposed, because as it is said in the African culture, for example, people need blood for other reasons. So be very careful with how you through away your sanitary towels.

What not to do when putting on the sanitary pad (menstruating)

  1. Do not use one pad for more than 5 hours. This is because the blood and mucus that comes out of the body during this period do not have to be in contact with your body for long
  2. In case your hands are dirty, make sure you clean your hands before changing your sanitary pad, because, with dirty hands, you can be carrying an infection.
  3. Do not dump your sanitary pad in any type of place.
  4. Do not send someone to dispose of your sanitary pad for you, especially kids, it is not proper. Take your sanitary stuff and dump yourself.