The president of Cameroon’s Renaissance Movement (CRM) political party, Professor Maurice Kamto has, in a press conference held in Yaounde, declared that his party will not compete in next year’s twin elections. He sighted short comings of the electoral code and the unrests in the North West and South West regions of the country.

CRM Bows out of February Ninth Twin Elections

Even as the November 25th 2019 deadline for the submission of nomination papers was approaching, CRM grass root members were busy compiling their nomination papers and some of its big wits had expressed their desire to run in the polls, with Barrister Michel Ndoki who was aiming to be Member of Parliament in the Wouri Division, Celestin Djamen was poised for the Douala V council and Mr Liboum was gearing for the sit in the Bamboutous Division. Prof Maurice Kamto’s decision therefore comes as a surprise even to these front liners given that he had signed a circular on the 9th of November on how nominations would be done within the CRM. The CRM leader attributes his decision to the upheavals in the North West and South West regions and the limitations of the electoral code, but curiously, the situation in both regions is none too better than in 2018 when he ran for the presidency and the electoral code is mainly the same that defined the elections he claimed he won.

The decision no doubt has an impact on the political landscape of the country, given that Prof Maurice Kamto had over 14% of votes cast in the last presidential polls, his party was surely going to be a key actor in the February 9 2020 twin elections. The decision implies that the CRM party would lose its lone parliamentary sit and would be absent in councils the nation over and by extension, lose any chances in the regional elections.