The minister of Public Health is lying about coronavirus statistics, according to Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu


“He never stops lying, whether on the costs of materials and drugs, tests, the number of positive cases, the death rate, the case fatality rate as well as the number of patients actually interned in hospitals for covid-19. In short, Dr. Manaouda Malachie ABSOLUTELY SLOW ON EVERYTHING related to covid-19. This has the consequence of increasing the distrust of the population with regard to the supervision of public health, in particular those who pilot operations to fight against covid-19 in the field.

At the height of the health crisis, when the oxygen beds were saturated and the Cameroonians were dying, we did not see the Minister of Public Health at the bedside of the sick, nor next to the caregivers. Curiously today, we see him again in approved covid-19 centers, in which he clearly has interests.

Last week, I challenged the Minister of Health on a number of extremely serious concerns and facts about the management of covid-19. What he found to do is respond approximately to my concerns in a respected daily newspaper in the place, after having scheduled a visit by the Secretary of State in charge of major pandemics to Douala. He toured the approved centers of the economic city, in particular the centers of the Mbappe Leppe stadium and the Yassa hospital.

Fictitious and imaginary patients just to embezzle public funds.

Regarding the Yassa stage, the ridiculous was added to the STATE LIE. From credible sources, this center has recorded, since it was approved covid-19, ten (10) patients of covid. However, it is officially mentioned that this center has already registered one hundred and fifty (150) patients taken care of by the Public Treasury up to three hundred thousand (300,000) FCFA per day for fourteen (14) days since it has been publicly announced that the daily care of a covid-19 patient costs 300,000 FCFA per day in (‘State of Cameroon.

For a 14-day quarantine, that makes the tidy sum of four million two hundred thousand (4,200,000) FCFA per patient covid interned. It suffices to multiply this amount by the number of fictitious patients officially recorded in the registers to measure the extent of the plunder. That makes 140 fake patients x 300,000 FCFAx 14 days or five hundred and eighty-eight million (588,000,000) FCFA diverted since the opening of this approved covid-19 center.

Still according to various credible sources, the same fraudulent maneuver of fictitious and imaginary patients is also observed in Garoua and Yaoundé where it is revealed that healthy people are paid 600,000 FCFA to present the symptoms of covid19 (i.e. ie simulate fever, cough) and subsequently the organizers of the Mafia intern them for two days of Fake quarantine on my 14 days of quarantine advised.

After these 2 days of accommodation, the false patient pockets the sum of six hundred thousand (600,000) FCFA. And the organized mafia pockets three million six hundred thousand (3,600,000) FCFA for a single imaginary patient. Imagine the number of Fake patients who have already accepted this deal to measure the extent of the embezzlement of public funds.

Cameroonians are now edified on the origin of the healings pronounced by Dr Manaouda Malachie. It is now established that the mafia is increasing the number of patients to justify the bills.

Regarding your so-called “approved” covid-19 centers:

* At Mbappe Leppe stadium

Why is this center still not open? The DIY toilets are outside the facilities. Who designed them that way? Who carried out the work? What are the costs? Who delivered the ninety (90) ream cartons of A4 paper and why do it when the said center does not have medicine?

* At Yassa hospital

Who carried out the work? Who equipped this covid-19 approved center? What can explain that it is the patients in confinement who provide the hotel services?

People demand transparency in covid-19 purchase orders

Transparency also in the national solidarity fund in which companies and individuals have put money. What is the total amount of these contributions and what have been done with this jackpot? THE EMPLOYMENT ACCOUNT IS REQUIRED IN AN EMERGENCY for the need of public transparency Why are masks not distributed to caregivers? In screening centers, chloroquine is practically out of stock. This is why patients who test covid positive for chloroquine are prescribed for only five (05) days instead of ten (10) as required by the actual recommended protocol.

“Antigenic” screening tests

PCR tests are practically out of order. What can justify this rupture? Rather than getting down to it, the Minister of Health is implementing “antigenic” screening tests. Where do they come from? Have these tests received international certification? Doctors complain because these tests contain too many false “negatives”. Now it is well known to all that there is a danger of saying that a result is negative when it is positive since the risk of spreading the disease becomes more and more high and above all uncontrollable.

Change option in the overall response plan

At five months after the onset of the pandemic, the number of positive cases is growing at breakneck speed. This is the official reason for the government’s withdrawal from the organization of the semi-finals and the final of the African club cup. The response strategy failed and the government implicitly recognized it through this withdrawal served on Monday July 13 at CAF via Fecafoot. Given the many tinkering observed in public hospitals as part of the fight against this pandemic, what are the centers of the Mbappé Leppe stadium and the Yaoundé military stadium for at this time?

It is late to continue doing anything in these two centers. Why not strengthen the regional hospitals of Sangmelima, Bertoua, Buea, Bafoussam, Bamenda and Ngaoundere where there are serious problems of covid-19? Or simply opt for another quick and less expensive solution which is to provide financial support to Bishop Samuel Kie-da and other naturopaths? Why not provide financial support to private clinics approved for covid-19 which already have adequate infrastructure for the care of covid-19 patients?

This last option will make it possible to save on the installation costs of the fixed equipment necessary for the care of covid patients. The Minister of Health prefers the option of installing mobile equipment to further maintain a thick fog against a background of overbilling around the equipment expenses of these stages which have been chosen to accommodate covid patients.

This is what clearly justifies the non-publication so far of the list of private clinics approved covid-19. The number of private clinics (seven in total) had however been the subject of an announcement by the Minister of Public Health who had indicated that he had sent this proposal to the Prime Minister, who agreed to this since this announcement, nothing concrete has not moved in this direction while the real capacity to accommodate covid-19 patients is very low.

The ministry of public health has obviously become the ministry of covid-19: abandonment of other pathologies:

On a completely different level, one has the impression that Dr Manaouda Malachie is more invaded by the management of covid-19 with all that that entails as disgusting practices. Cameroonians have the impression that the ministry of public health is currently limited to the management of covid-19. Meanwhile another health disaster is looming in the very short term, namely the shortage of insulin, which is an essential drug, for diabetics. Diabetics endure such ordeal that they are forced to wander from pharmacy to pharmacy without finding the insulin which has also disappeared from district hospitals.

Resignation of Dr Manaouda Malachie for managerial incompetence and negligence

In conclusion, politicians have called for a sacred union around the fight against the covid-19 pandemic. Which is otherwise normal. The government would benefit from knowing that the sacred union could not be done around the LIE OF STATE.

It is common ground that Dr Manaouda Malachie is not up to the response to be made in the face of covid-19. It will never be so whatever the means which will be placed at the disposal of the ministry for which he was in charge. FACED WITH THIS FAULT ‘CHARACTERIZED IN THE MANAGEMENT OF THE FIGHT AGAINST THE PANDEMIC. IT IS GOOD SENSE FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC TO RELEASE HIS FUNCTIONS AS MINISTER OF HEALTH DR MANAOUDA MALACHIE. Because it is about the health of Cameroonians. This is a health safety requirement in this period of the covid-19 pandemic. The dizzyingly increasing number of positive cases will have the disastrous consequence of the stigmatization of Cameroon by its bilateral and multilateral partners. At this rate, there will be no lifting of the Schengen visa ban for Cameroonians” Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu laments