COVID-19: Cameroon government has already spent almost 22 billion CFA in the fight against coronavirus.

The minister of Public health explains how almost 22 billion CFA was spent.

On Wednesday July 22, 2020 the minister of Public Health, Malachie Manaouda was guest on on CRTV at 8:30 pm. During this program, he announced the process his ministry made use of the financial and material donations, offered by individuals, national companies, as well as Cameroon’s international partners within the framework of the National Solidarity Fund against the Coronavirus pandemic.

The minister of Public Health therefore revealed through this media to the public how his ministry has already spent almost 22 billion FCFA in the government’s attempt to respond to the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

According to the health minister Malachie Manaouda, 19 billion FCFA  came from the Cameroonian public treasury,  2 billion FCFA  from the account created for the occasion at  BGFI Bank,  and  150 million FCFA  from the account housed at  UBA Bank.

As he continued to clarify the public, the minister explained that 4 billion FCFA was taken from the global envelop to construct 12 isolation centers in all the regions of the country, and two others in the airports of Douala and Yaoundé.

As part of the decentralization of the response to the disease decided by the government,  2 billion FCFA  were transferred to governors and regional public health delegates for the care of patients. Finally, the sum of one billion FCFA was used for tests, as well as  11 billion FCFA  for medical equipment and more than  800 million FCFA  to ensure quarantine.Despite the huge amount of money spent already, the situation of the virus is still on the increase in Cameroon. Nothing seems to have been done. With the current health crisis, there seems to have been nothing spent so far.

In Cameroon there is no respect of social distancing, the population seems to be care free, with no measures respected.

So far Cameroon has recorded 16,708 confirmed cases, 14,539 recovered, and 385 deaths.