Coronavirus COVID-19

The coronavirus is the most sought-after topic today, and it is certainly necessary because of the pandemic the world is suffering from.

It is important to keep informed about COVID-19 (Wuhan coronavirus) to avoid getting infected and to increase the number of people infected.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Recognizing the main symptoms of the coronavirus in time is highly recommended, as this way you will be aware and able to differentiate between the common flu or this pandemic, as both are very similar.

Before you get the symptoms of coronavirus, you must first go through an incubation period that can last up to 14 days. After the incubation period, the symptoms will appear.


The main symptoms of coronavirus are:

Fever (greater than 38 degrees Celsius) and tiredness.

  • Dry cough.
  • Very few patients present nasal congestion, aches, sore throat or diarrhea.
  • In extreme cases: pneumonia, respiratory distress, renal failure.


Diagnosis of coronavirus

An early diagnosis will undoubtedly save you from the coronavirus; although it should be noted that after a positive diagnosis of this virus, 80% of infected people recover.

The diagnosis is simple, just by recognizing the symptoms and with a blood test, you can know if you are infected or not.

And not only a blood test, but it can also be diagnosed by a culture in the nose or throat.

A CT scan of the chest is also often done to find out how advanced the pneumonia is (in extreme cases).

Treatment of Coronavirus

There is currently no official vaccine for the coronavirus, although a vaccine is being tested in China and the United States.

Despite not having a vaccine, the coronavirus can be treated. Thanks to treatment, many people have been cured.

There are even cases where the infection can be very mild and does not need medical assistance.

In extreme cases, medical treatment for coronavirus is based on antiviral injections, high doses of steroids, and respiratory support with oxygen.

The coronavirus cannot be easily cured, but it can be easily prevented with proper hygiene. The best way to prevent this virus is by washing hands and using sanitizer. Awareness and proper hygiene.

Vivi Kiffa