Shutdowns Prevent Wealthy Africans from Seeking Medical Care Abroad (COVID-19)

For years, leaders and elite from all over Africa have been traveling abroad to receive medical treatment. Due to poorly funded health care systems across Africa, there is little access to necessary medical treatments. For this reason, Africa’s wealthy and elite travel abroad in search of proper health care. But With 30 out of 57 of Africa’s international airports closed, Coronavirus shutdowns prevent wealthy Africans from seeking medical care abroad

There is hope that this may spark change amongst African leaders, showing the consequences of such a lack of health care funding in their own personal lives.

Due to Africa’s poor health care systems, keeping the spread of COVID-19 to an absolute minimum is crucial to the lives of many people. The wealthy and elite have no flexibility. They must abide by these lockdowns no matter the consequences in their own lives, next to the people they lead and represent.

Coronavirus Shutdowns Prevents Wealthy Africans From Seeking Medical Care Abroad

No country seems to be more vulnerable to this than Zimbabwe. With a health care system that has completely collapsed, traveling aborad for proper health care is necessary for most. A country were patients and families are asked to provide necessities like gloves and clean drinking water, even before the pandemic, it is imperative that the infection remains under control. Zimbabwe closed its border on Monday, March 30th after its first Coronavirus related death.

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, many things remain unknown. It is unknown what the world will look like when this is all over. But we can all hope that this pandemic opens up many of our eyes to the true urgency of the problems we ignore. We hope that our leaders will be inspired to make changes and to fix underfunded or even collapsed health care systems where people need it the most.