China suspects US for creating the coronavirus that has killed many Chinese

A senior Chinese official has suggested that the United States may be behind the appearance of the Coronavirus in China.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian made the statement on his Twitter account on Thursday March 12, 2020 as similar conspiracy theories gain ground on Chinese social media.

The new coronavirus disease, called COVID-19, was first reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan last December.

In his tweet, Zhao Lijian posted a video from the director of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declaring before Congress that some Americans believed to be dead from seasonal flu

were found to be carriers after their deaths of the new coronavirus.

Zhao then urged US authorities to reveal the details of the said patients, adding, “It could have been the US military that brought the epidemic to Wuhan.”

A hypothesis taken over by Beijing.

But in recent weeks, Zhong Nanshan, a Chinese respiratory specialist and veteran in the fight against the SARS epidemic (2002-2003), has raised the possibility that the source of the virus responsible for Covid-19

may not actually be China.

Hiding the epidemic in its early stages

The Chinese authorities themselves have been accused of concealing the epidemic in its infancy.

Wuhan police reprimanded doctors who had sounded the alarm since December.

Recall that while the World Health Organization (WHO) has voluntarily chosen a name for Covid-19 disease that does not mention any specific country, Washington regularly uses terms that refer to the “Chinese”

Origin of the coronavirus.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called it “the Wuhan virus”.

An expression deemed “despicable” by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Note that more than 130,000 people have been infected so far worldwide, including nearly 5,000 deadly.