Cameroon Health Authorities announced on Thursday that 803 people are tested positive for COVID-19.

On Thursday April 9, 2020, the Director  of Health Promotion at the Ministry of Public Health announced an increase in COVID-19 cases.

The announcement was made during a press conference.

Fanne Mahamat was representing the Minister of Public Health  Manaouda Malachie at the daily press conference.

The press brifing took place at the Yaounde Health Emergency Operations Center.

On Thursday, Fanne Mahamat announced 22 new cases of COVID-19 contamination in Cameroon.

A new cure was also announced by the representative of the Health Minister.

Of the total contaminated cases, 61 persons are said to have successfully recovered from the disease.

Out of the ten regions in Cameroon, six regions has recorded cases of COVID-19.

The East region, Bertoua is the most recent to have experienced/recorded a case.

It was announced that Bertoua recorded its first COVID-19 case on Wednesday April 8, 2020.

On his official tweeter page, the minister of health, Manaouda Malachie delivered a report on the massive screening campaign which started in Douala.

The campaign is aimed at touching all the regions of the country.

“As part of the Douala operation, 80,366 households were visited and sensitized; 198,640 people were evaluated with 85.2% of the acceptance rate against 14.8% of refusal. 2,313 people to be sampled. The purpose of this operation is to isolate the positives from the rest early, ” Manaouda Malachie tweeted.

The cases of coronavirus in Cameroon keeps increasing everyday.

By the time this article is released, the figures must have changed.

Of all the CEMAC countries where Cameroon belong, Cameroon has recorded the highest cases of the virus.

Despite all the efforts put in place by the government, Cameroonians seems not to be serious with this deadly coronavirus disease.