Doctors have confirmed 1 person dead in buea due to cholera amid an outbreak in mile 16 Bolifamba.

In a communiqué released on Monday, 31st of January 2022, Dr. Ngund Mathias, Buea Health District Medical Officer confirmed a cholera outbreak in the said town and called on people to be cautious.
The female resident in Bolifamba who died at the Buea regional hospital is said to have manifested cholera symptoms and after doing some test the results proved that she died of Cholera.
According to some Doctors at Bolifamba Health Center, “All the other cases that come here are severe – they come here dying and we struggle to bring them back. So it’s serious,  we have just five beds. The ward is already full. Some patients are sitting on the benches. The problem is that the patients are refusing to get referred.”
With common symptoms including vomiting and diarrhea. 17 cases have been confirmed at the Bolifamba Health Centre and health personnel’s here say some of the cases are “severe”.
Added to what the Medics said, “The regional hospital came and they did some rapid diagnostic testing and they confirmed some cases. We have been managing them; we have been struggling with them so far. Today I think there were two children from the same house who just came this morning, highly suspect,”
“For the past three to four days, we have received an increased number of serious watery stool and vomiting. Many times, the patients come here with severe dehydration. Many times vomiting; many times watery stool and some have even cramps. Hearing that there was an outbreak of cholera in the Idenau and Bakassi areas, from there to Buea is not far, I already thought that it may be an outbreak here. So I requested the lab to check to see if they will be able to see some things in the stool. She saw the cholera germs in the stool of some of the cases,”.
It should be noted that this outbreak started on January 26, at Mile 16, and cases have been increasing in the past few days with two more cases confirmed Monday morning.
“They are still coming. We have two babies in the hall there now. They are vomiting and they have diarrhea at the same time but we are managing them up… we are trying our best,” a nurse at the Bolifamba health facility said.
“We heard that some even died at home because they did not know what was happening; some died in other hospitals but here we have no casualties. Our doctor is working very hard to see that no patient is referred but all patients are treated. We have had about 17 cases positive but our doctor is making sure that they are well taken care of and most of them have been discharged. We have two new ones are in the hall. Then we have five lying in the ward.”

Cause of outbreak

Health officials at Bolifamba have said the disease could be stemming from a local water source, called “Amen Water”. Which is  popular spring water catchment in Bolifamba which serves as a major source of drinking water in the community.
Dr. Ngund Mathias, has called on people to avoid roadside food; wash their hands after using the toilet; wash hands before and after meals and eat safe raw food.