Cameroon president, Paul Biya is one of the world’s oldest ruling leader.

In an outing with our colleagues from Jeune Afrique, the Nigerian writer came up against Paul Biya, Cameroonian president, in power since November 6, 1982, or 37 years old.

A pen specialist angry at the duration of Paul Biya in power. In an interview this Sunday with the newspaper Jeune Afrique, she does not hide her dismay. “I don’t understand that he is still president. He has been in

power almost since my birth. It’s ridiculous. Why do Cameroonians accept this? If at least the country was stable, well governed, with regions equal to each other and a low unemployment rate, if at least it was a

country where public order prevails and where health and quality education… But that is not the case ”.

A few months ago, the writer published in the New York Times an American newspaper, a column on Cameroon. Her pamphlet in this American newspaper concerns the English-speaking crisis which affects two

regions of Cameroon. When asked why this sudden interest in the country of Paul and Chantal Biya, the answer is there.

Paul Biya

“Because I have a close friend who lives in the English-speaking region. I had been very worried that I would not be able to reach him after the long internet outage, images of the conflict were coming to me and, of

course, I read the newspapers and was enraged to see so many abuse of power. The Cameroon case broke my heart and I wanted the Americans to know what’s going on.” She explains to Jeune Afrique.

For her, Paul Biya, 87 years old today, is no longer a chance for Cameroon. “I don’t understand why he’s there. It’s no better in Nigeria: almost 200 million people are wanded by a tiny minority. Our leaders have

managed to put us to sleep, otherwise people will take to the streets and leave only after they have left, “concludes the 43-year-old writer.