Childbirth: A suspicion of child theft at the Laquintinie hospital in Douala.

Mr. Ngongang demands to see the body of his deceased child a few minutes after his birth. The body shown to him is different from the one he had just held in his arms.

Mr. Ngongang went through all the emotions on Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

When he arrived the Laquintinie hospital with his wife, she immediately put to birth.

It is therefore very emotional that he carry’s his child in his arms before the nurses take him back to the treatment room, while asking the new dad to go buy some newborn drugs in the pharmacy.

Unfortunately, less than 20 minutes later, Ngongang returns to the hospital and a nurse tells him that his baby died just after he had leave for the pharmacy.

He couldn’t get over it, but demanded to see the remains of his child. It is then that he was brought “a new baby totally different from the one he had just held in his arms.

Nothing to do physically with the one he had just held in his arms some minutes ago. ” David Eboutou reports.

Feeling that his child has just been exchanged, Mr. Ngongang requested tests which he is refused. From the hospital hierarchy, they say they understand Sieur Ngongang’s situation.  Assuring him that this test will be done soon.

Recall that the theft of babies is common in Cameroonian hospitals.

In June 2018, a six-day-old baby was stolen from the Maroua regional hospital. Lady Haoua, 30years, lost her baby at one o’clock in the morning. She had been put under observation after her delivery which took place a few days earlier.

That’s when the alleged thief pretended to be a patient under care in an adjoining room. She took advantage of the fact that Haoua was sleeping to steal the newborn.

Once awake, the mother noticed the absence of her child and immediately alerted the regional hospital of Maroua where she was.