Chantal Biya International cycling tour


chantal biya international

Algerian cyclist Azzedine Lagab has won the 2019 Chantal Biya International Cycling Tour of Cameroon even though the 5th and last lap between Sangmelima and Yaoundé covering a distance of 166 km was won by Yacine Hamza.

He gained the advantage to emerge overall winner  when he took charge of and won the 4th lap  of this competition after he finished top ahead of Marek Canecky winner of the 2nd lap and Arjan Hofman winner of the 3rd lap. Chantal Biya International cycling tour

the 33 year old Algerian adds this win to that at the 2019 Road Championship he won in march and a win which means that for the second year running a Cameroonian has been deprived of victory as Clovis Kamzong Abesolo ranked the best Cameroonian cyclist in this race couldn’t do better than what he achieved in 2017 in the Chantal Biya International cycling tour

This year’s Chantal Biya International Cycling Tour was contested by 35 athletes from 6 different countries out the 8 previewed as the team from Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast couldn’t make the journey. Chantal Biya International cycling tour

Chantal Biya is the presidents wife and her husband Paul Biya has been in power since some of us the youth of Cameroon were born. He  was born on the 13 February 1933 . He is the the oldest head of state in Africa. He became the president of Cameroon since November 6th 1982 ] He is the second-longest-ruling president in Africa, He took over from the former Cameroonian president Amadou Ahidjo, when he surprisingly resign in 1982. Paul Biya is from the South Region of Cameroon and a Christian of the catholic church, Paul Biya won another 7 years term in 2018 with 71.3% of the vote. Next presidential election is going to be 2025