On Tuesday, 19 November, in Chad, we learnt of the arrest of Central African rebel leaders, including General Abdoulaye Miskine, one of the key men in the politico-military game in the Central African Republic.
What did they come to search for in Chadian territory? This is the question that all those who are interested in the Central African Republic file since Monday night when they heard of the arrival of the rebel leader in the Chadian capital.

Sources say, Aboulaye Miskine and three other leaders of Central African rebel movements entered Chadian territory from Tissi, a south-eastern town bordering Chad’s borders with Sudan and the Central African Republic. Obviously Abdoulaye Miskine and his companions were not expected. That is why they were housed in the premises of intelligence services instead of a hotel as usual.

The presence of these Central African rebel leaders raises questions. Have they come to look for shelter after the violent inter-ethnic conflicts that have been going on in recent days in northeastern CAR? Or is it a foot call to Ndjamena that has often played a major political role in Central Africa?
In an interview with the weekly Jeune Afrique magazine last week, the Chadian head of state said that N’Djamena – that has often been accused of being a zone of troublemakers – intends to help its neighbors to the South to restore stability.

By Subiru Madina