The forces of law and order presented the alleged criminals to the general office of the national police, as they were arrested for various offenses.
Among the 14 alleged thugs arrested were three thieves of three vehicles including those of the Chadian brewery company, six individuals for criminal conspiracy, four armed robbers that snatched three motorcycles and a military drug trafficker intercepted with 20 balls of drugs.

4 arm robbers arrested

The brewery vehicle was stolen last Friday in the company’s premises, with the complicity of a mechanic working there. Among the robbers of motorcycles is a policeman who led an operation against a motorcyclist last Friday around 10 pm in Chadar Talata district (Miguel Koudou). This group of thugs managed to take the bikes after neutralizing the owner. The victim managed to identify the police officer who usually provided security during the day on the main highway of the 8th district.
After the incident, the victim Souleymane Mahamat Idriss alerted the police officers of the 8th district council by describing the portrait of the police officer who is behind the robbery of his motorcycle. The police were quick to get their hands on the robber’s colleague. Despite the police officer’s arrest, the victim complained of being unable to recover his motorcycle.


A proliferation of theft of vehicles
Police spokesman, Commissioner Paul Manga, deplores the proliferation of vehicles being stolen. He invites the population to collaborate with the defense and security forces to fight against the proliferation of insecurity.
The 14 alleged thugs will be put at the disposal of justice to answer for their actions, informs the commissioner Paul Manga.
Among the alleged thugs are three men who are supposed to contribute to the security of the capital.